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post 15-Авг-18 12:08

ZOG возьмется?


post 16-Авг-18 15:08 (спустя 1 день 3 часа)

Ничего не видел и не слышал про эту игру, но уже заинтересован, беру)


post 22-Авг-18 21:47 (спустя 6 дней)

Геймпад 360 работает криво. Дальше выстрела из лука не смог пройти. Тупо не работает стрельба. Это самая багнутая игра, которую только видел.


post 23-Авг-18 08:51 (спустя 11 часов)

прошел на паде х360 без проблем, за всю игру было 2 бага


post 27-Авг-18 20:01 (спустя 4 дня)

Patch 1.03 (27 August 2018)
Скрытый текст


Patch 1.03 (27 August 2018)
Quality of Life
Can now change languages in the in-game Options screen. (We are still working on getting the options added to the main menu)
Can now enable “reduced screenshake” in the Options menu.
Can now disable “stamina low” UI in the Options menu.
Can now enable player health value displaying on the hp bar from the Options menu.
Can now enable player stamina value displaying on the stamina bar from the Options menu.
No longer have to re-do the red button puzzle to ride the Garde Tum elevator.
Main menu music volume adjusted and balanced with in-game sound.
Game Balance
Spikes in Obsidian Vale cannot combo you anymore.
Shade Knights in NG+ in Obsidian Vale can now die to spike traps.
Haste now affects the time it takes for your stamina to start regenerating.
Amarog Shamans no longer block your attacks if you hit them from behind.
Normal mode Forgotten Gaian now deals a tad bit less damage.
Your horse can now kill Golden Drake Knights.
Attempting to use an ability while in a knocked back state will no longer put the ability on cooldown.
Attempting to use an ability after getting hit during the start of an attack no longer causes the ability animation to stop.
You can now re-obtain the 11th feather by getting all the Gaian relics. Enjoy the extra 10% damage. :)
Bug Fixes
Fixed a shield animation issue in the Obsidian Vale level where players using a controller would not animate correctly.
Fixed a bug where the Energy Shield would lower player stats.
Fixed a bug where the Void Plume would lower player stats.
Forgotten Gaian Heroic no longer gives talents every time you kill him.
Parrying an arrow of an archer that has been killed no longer crashes the game.
Fixed a bug where Flaming Guillotine was not working on slot 2 and 3 on controllers.
Fixed an issue where Blood Knight would not heal correctly at high health levels.
Abyssal eyes now control correctly with custom keybinds.
Mimic feathers no longer can drop from the Soul of the Phoenix heroic fight.
You are no longer blocked from going left into the church after beating Origa.
Heroic Bysurge now correctly drops 3 immortalite when killed the first time.
Horse no longer faces left when first entering certain areas of the Aldwynn sewers.
Heroic Forgotten Gaian items are picked up instantly as soon as you kill him. You can also no longer miss the boss talent point if you die after killing him.
Music during the cutscene after Eldritch Council no longer continues playing over other music tracks.
Fixed a bug that caused Amulvaro Golem to scale XP incorrectly in NG+.
Fixed a bug where dying at the same time as Endless would skip her final cutscene.
Fixed a bug where you could keep kicking down the ladder in Amulvaro’s tower repeatedly.
Fixed a bug where Zuma would disappear and drop light greaves.
Fixed a bug where Dark Knight would stop animating if he gained more than max health.
Fixed a bug where blocking after an airdash would grant invincibility until you stopped blocking.
Fixed a bug where Bulwark would attempt to dodge your parry attack.
Fixed a crash caused by creating 10 rotating orbs with the fire and lightning tome spell.
Fixed a bug where the phoenix in the first area would drop immortalite every time it was defeated.
Blindfold item now works properly when upgraded.
Fixed a bug where the Level Up UI text would appear over the inventory when inventory is open.
Fixed a bug where enemies would respawn when re-entering a room if they were killed by an exploding arrow or some traps.
Fixed a crash related to the Sigur ritual.
Can no longer lose items dropped by Bysurge Heroic if he dies in the middle of his platform. You will now pick up the items automatically.
Moss Knight in Gaian’s Cradle can no longer get you stuck inside a wall.
Game will no longer run at a higher framerate in certain Garde Tum areas if you have a monitor with a high refresh rate.
Improved overall performance and game loading time.
Mimic feathers now correctly play a sound effect for being created.
Caer Siorai Giant now plays sound effects correctly.
Blink dagger now plays the correct sound effect.
Equipping items using gamepad no longer sounds really loud
Fire effects in the intro room now are muted properly when sound is disabled.
Patch 1.01 (27 August 2018)
144hz monitors and other high refresh rates should no longer increase gamespeed. (Note: Players may see a moment of speed-up while the game sets to 60fps when first starting or alt+tabbing into the game. The game should correct itself in ~1 second.)
Soul Trigger no longer thinks it’s the best thing ever and has stopped replicating endlessly.
Energy Shield no longer decreases stats and will work as intended.
Unlimited Energy has been adjusted: Energy weapons require no soul energy for six seconds after using an ability.
Death now has more things to say to you when you die.


post 27-Авг-18 21:41 (спустя 1 час 39 минут)

Что слышно о руссификации этой игры ???

post 31-Авг-18 11:50 (спустя 3 дня)

Топик был перенесен из форума Горячие Новинки в форум Action



post 06-Май-20 03:40 (спустя 1 год 8 месяцев)

Вышел русификатор от Зогов :)

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